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Dusting Powder Making a Comeback

Powder has been a part of personal body care forever and it is making a remarkable recover among women of all ages. Yet high quality powder remains difficult to come by.
Powder Box's Hold 3 ounces of Fragrance Powder
Powder Box's Hold 3 ounces of Fragrance Powder
Why we as ladies have ever fallen away from the use of powder is anyone's guess. Why I decided to start making it, I don't remember, other than it seemed like a good idea.  With summer coming on quick, what a wonderful way to keep dry, soft and silky with a light fragrance.  Even better, is the slightest bit of shimmer that catches the light and adds to the glow of your skin.  [Powders are all available without shimmer upon request.]
I use the finest arrowroot powder.  It is wonderfully silky smooth, absorbs moisture and delivers the fragrance of natural essentials oils to keep you feeling fresh. Dust it all over for quick easy dressing after a shower.  Don't forget the ladies, your lingerie and the nape of your neck and underarms.
White Powder Box with Lime Green Interior
White Powder Box with Lime Green Interior
For something sexy,  sprinkle on your sheets for a soft and fresh sleeping experience.
Fragrances available are:
Monoi Vanilla ~ Jasmine
Jasmine ~ Orange
Lavender ~ Vanilla
Bergamot ~ Lavender
Or let me design a fragrance just for you.  Shimmer in your choice of Silver, Gold or Bronze.
3 ounces $15.00 Shipping not included.
Stay Beautiful and Healthy~