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My Everything Spray ( You are going to Want This)

My Everything Spray I have a product that I whipped up and I simply just love.  It is the "do everything" spray. It is a toner, a deodorant, after sun spray, sunburn care, a quick refresher and hair deodorizer.  I use it many times a day.  It is the first and last thing I put on my face daily. As a light deodorant, meaning that when I am not digging in the yard or out riding on a hot day, this little mighty spray does the deal.  But you ask, " Why wouldn't you just wear your normal antiperspirant?" Aluminum  is the driving force behind Alzheimer's, so why risk it?  Anything that we put on our body is absorbed through the skin and  aluminum can pass the blood brain barrier.  Of all the things that need to be taken out of our personal care products aluminum is one.  I am on a mission to get as many harmful chemicals as possible out of my everyday bath, body and cosmetic products. However, this girl needs something that works.  When I turned about 40 my hormon…