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Making Safe Products & Why My Sugar Scrubs Don't Cost $6.00

Some portions of this were plagiarized from my earlier Facebook post.

Every once in a while I stalk business on Facebook that make bath and body products or post recipes for them... I don't know why I am surprised at some of the stuff I see in a sugar scrub, or worse, what I don't. I realized that sugar scrub post are used to promote all kinds of pages. Real Estate agents, Coconut manufactures, Spice companies..., The Sugar Scrub is used to promote their pages and keep it relevant in their followers feed. Because after all, it's harmless right? Three ingredients; Sugar, Baby Oil /Coconut Oil and 10 drops of X oil and a mason jar will get you several thousand shares. Add fresh rose petals/pineapple/ apples or ginger to it and you have a real AMAZEBALLS / "girls wine night" activity winner! Even an apple grower posted a sugar scrub recipe! DIY recipes using food items are a recipe for disaster and not safe beyond a one time use unless you really know what you are d…