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The Big Words on Your Bath Products Are Not Always Scary

You want to go all "natural" and avoid "chemicals".  But what does that really mean?
To you, the consumer it means that you want to be able to pronounce the word.  You want to look it up on EWG and decide if it is ok for you to use or not.  But when you say natural, to those of us in the industry of making bath and body products  that is kind of an empty word.  
The FDA does not have a set standard for "Natural"  Therefore,  I if I chose, I can pick a standard or none at all and slap "ALL NATURAL" on my label.  Or if I chose,  I can align my self with organizations that do have set standards and follow them, or I can even create a set of my own.
The problem with the EWG is, in a nutshell, they really are scaremongers.  And very often, their ratings come without solid science, or they use outdated science.  You can read more about them Here
There is one thing I like my customers to know right off the bat.  Natural is not always safe.  And the sa…

Essential Oil Salesman Josh Axe Posing as Dr.of Functional Medicine?

So today I decided to spend a little time in school.  Today that meant watching a very long presentation from the annual National Association for Holistic Therapy on Essential oils.  It was fascinating and well worth my time.  When it was over,  another video popped up for my viewing pleasure.  It was how to make an anti aging serum. So naturally this interested me. It was a well branded video, very professional By Dr.Josh  Axe.

So I watched... sigh... I watched as he laid out the ingredients.  The first was Jojoba Oil.  I can not explain to you how he shredded the pronunciation of this word.  Which was the first red flag. He went on through the rest of the ingredients.  Vitamin E oil,  Pomegranate Oil,  Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oil. By the time he reached the last ingredient I had already googled his name and found his "pedigree" which you can read Here  He is a chiropractor and he has a certificate in nutrition. But he claims to be a Dr.of  Functional Medicine,…