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Sugar Scrubs

Each scrub is made using pure cane, non GMO sugar and the very best oils.  I use beautiful avocado oil, kukui nut, rice bran, hemp and other skin loving oils and butters that lock in moisture to keep you feeling soft and silky. Each essential oil is chosen for its purity and fragrance.

I do not use synthetic oils or fragrances, there are no parabens, or formaldehyde donors.

All scrubs are be made with Shea, Mango and or Cocoa Butter for an extra layer of moisture that will last all day. Say goodbye to dry flaky skin and hello to a silky healthy glow!

Thank You for choosing Beautiful Botanical's Bath & Body!

Stay Beautiful & Healthy~

Citrus Rush:  10 Ounces $24.00

Step into your morning shower with the beautiful fragrance of  the king of citrus, Bergamot and French Lavender, other citrus oils round out the beautiful fragrance, It is blended into avocado oil and organic Shea butter for a luxurious scrub that is going to make you feel amazing. This is a fast growing favorite for my men customers as well as the ladies.

Jasmine Splash: 10 Ounces $24.00

This sugar scrub will be your "go to" for the summer evenings.  It is my number one fragrance and men are drawn to it like a moth to the flame.  Pure Cane sugar is wrapped with Avocado and Kukui nut oils and Shea butter with a blend of jasmine and other essential oils that will make you feel like you just stepped on to a tropical island. It is just beautiful and hands down a favorite.

Happy Place:  10 Ounces $24.00

Step into your morning shower and start the your day with the soft warm scent of vanilla and the refreshing aroma of lavender. Blended with coconut, kukui nut, essential oils and Shea butter, this scrub will leave your skin silky smooth, with a healthy glow  Find your Happy Place! Warning this fragrance induces mouth watering.  No Kidding. :)

Ice Cream Friday: 10 Ounces $24.00 

This Sugar Scrub is a winner!  Feeling a little nostalgic and like a kid?  Have a Little Ice Cream Friday! Reminiscent of the orange vanilla ice cream bars we used to get for a dime after school on Fridays. Nourish your body with coconut, Shea butter and other skin loving oils to refresh and wake you up for an exciting start to your day.

Hang in There Baby 10 Ounces $24.00

Eucalyptus is a tried and true essential oil that is a favorite of mine.  Eucalyptus is versatile for both men and women.  The scent is refreshing and calming if you have a cough, cold and sinus troubles or achy muscles. Using this scrub in a hot shower in the evening is a perfect way to end a long day before turning in. This scrub will make you feel like you just left the spa.

Luvins:  10 Ounces $24.00

This is a scrub that makes you think of sunshine... It says,"Take me for a walk in the park with bare feet!" One whiff and you will know what I mean.    This is a beautiful blend of pink grapefruit and other essential oils, a must for a Saturday Morning wake up.

Relax & Calm 10 Ounces $24.00

Lovingly blended with Shea Butter, Peppermint and French Lavender.  An excellent way to end a long hot day.  This blend is cooling and calming leaving you ready to slip into those crisp sheets for a night of sweet dreams.

Morning Rush 10 Ounces $24.00

Step into your morning shower with this scrub.  This scrub is packed with Organic unrefined cocoa butter and coffee blended to a fine powder for a morning shower that smells like sweet, hot chocolaty coffee.  This is a power way to wake up and get your day started!

Rosewood Heart 10 ounces $24.00

I created this as a seasonal fragrance, but due to it's popularity, I think I will keep it year round.  This is not your grandmas rose scent.  Blended with Rosewood it lends it self to a wild woodsy fragrance, with a note of citrus and a subtle, rose floral note.  A sexy and feminine scent that is also fresh and vibrant!.

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