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How to Use your Beautiful Botanical Sugar Scrub

I know I should be promoting using Beautiful Botanical's scrub daily as do most purveyors of this kind of product.  However, I would be doing you and your skin a disservice. After all, the point of the scrub it to make your skin glow by removing dead layers, soften fine lines and moisturize.  Over scrubbing and exfoliating can do more harm than good if not used properly What I am hearing from my customers is that they love the fragrance they have chosen and want to use it daily.  So here is the solution to that issue.  Use Beautiful Botanicals Sugar  Scrub daily but on different body parts,  If it's "shave the leg day",  use the scrub on your feet and legs for that extra nice, close shave.  The next day, do your hands, arms and shoulders,and the next your decollete and neck and so on.  This allows you enjoy the aroma therapy part of your morning shower without overdoing the scrub. Shimmering Dusting Powder And a little tip, include your underarms!  Beautiful Botanica…