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My Everything Spray ( You are going to Want This)

The Spray With No Name.
My Everything Spray
I have a product that I whipped up and I simply just love.  It is the "do everything" spray.
It is a toner, a deodorant, after sun spray, sunburn care, a quick refresher and hair deodorizer.  I use it many times a day.  It is the first and last thing I put on my face daily.
As a light deodorant, meaning that when I am not digging in the yard or out riding on a hot day, this little mighty spray does the deal.  But you ask, " Why wouldn't you just wear your normal antiperspirant?"
Aluminum  is the driving force behind Alzheimer's, so why risk it?  Anything that we put on our body is absorbed through the skin and  aluminum can pass the blood brain barrier.  Of all the things that need to be taken out of our personal care products aluminum is one.  I am on a mission to get as many harmful chemicals as possible out of my everyday bath, body and cosmetic products.
However, this girl needs something that works.  When I turned about 40 my hormones took a hard left and suddenly I had stinky sweat.  Not pretty I know, but true.  I can not even go to bed with out using a deodorant/antiperspirant,  until now.  This mighty little spray allows me to use half of the deodorant that I did in the past. maybe even less.  If I am just here at home the mighty spray is all I need for the day, and this is a huge plus.  On a really warm day I will follow-up with my dusting powder that smells just amazing, and well, it makes me feel all girly.
After some time in the sun I use it for a quick cool down with a spray on the back of the neck and chest.  When we are out riding on the motorcycle it's a quick little freshen up at a stop with a spray to the face that just feels like Aaahhhh....
Each of the ingredients are known for their healing properties when it comes to sunburns, acne, as a toner, care for cuts, scrapes and bruises and more. You will want this in your arsenal of goodies for the Summer time!  
Stay Healthy and Beautiful~