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Bug Off! How to Naturally Keep Pest's Away

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your evening only to get bombarded with those blood sucking critters.  Tell them to BUG OFF and to take their pesky pals, the no-see-ums, fleas, tics and chiggers with them with these easy make at home natural repellents!
With a very dry winter here in the southwest, there are more mosquito's than ever. I live on a ravine, with the lack of rain this past winter there was also notable a lack of frogs, which are usually so loud that windows have to be closed at night. No frogs, more Mosquito's.
chikungunya mosquito
With the influx of illegal immigrants being dumped into the interior of our country they have brought with them disease that had once been eradicated or is not something that we see in this country.
Now is the time to be diligent about protecting yourself and your family from mosquito borne illness.  Spray your property with Neem oil concentrate from Lowes.  Do a check to make sure that you do not have any areas of standing water.  Make sure to add mosquito fish to your ponds or additives to fountains to keep the water fresh. Report homes to the city that have swimming pools that need drained.
DIY Bug Repellent 
Spray Bottle from Walmart
Spray Bottle from Wal-Mart
In a one ounce bottle combine distilled or filtered water, with 5 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil or eucalyptus oil.  Shake well and apply to skin, also spray around the ankles and waist of your britches.
Omit the lemongrass for use on pets, It is not on my list of "safe oils for use on dogs." keep away from face of your pet, and out of reach of children.
Neem Oil Repellent.
In a one ounce spray bottle add 2 percent Neem oil to coconut oil.  For one ounce this would be 10 drops. [More is not better.] Mix well and spray on to exposed skin. Coconut oil readily absorbs into the skin and is a natural sunscreen as well.
If your oil has solidified, run under warm water or sit in the sun for a few minutes it liquefies at 76 degrees F.
This preparation has a 61 - 94% effectiveness on the Culex ssp variety of mosquito, which is most prevalent is the US and carries West Nile.  For more information on effective for other species go here 
Don't worry that you will be "stuck" with an oil that has few uses.  Neem Oil has abundant uses. From using in your organic garden, spray own plants and lawns to repelling insects and more. For everything Neem, go here  As always follow the diluting directions. Women who are nursing or pregnant should always consult with their doctor before using ANY essential oils.
And if this is too complicated, message me on Facebook I will send you a four oz bottle of My Everything Spray in Peppermint. $14.00 plus shipping if applicable, Not only does it repel pest's, but works as a sunburn care, cooling spray, toner, antiseptic for cuts and scrapes and more.
Stay Healthy & Beautiful~