Monday, July 14, 2014

14 Critical Things you need to Know About that Cute Little Jar of Sugar Scrub

Beautiful Botanical's Sugar Scrub

There are a billion sugar scrub DIY pins on Pinterest, but not one so far tells you some of the more important things that you need to know about Sugar Scrubs or Body Polishes.
Regardless if you purchase a scrub in the store, on-line, at a farmers market or whip one up in your own kitchen following these guidelines will insure that you are not doing more harm than good to your skin and your health.
Preserving your Scrub.
If you have purchased a commercial scrub hopefully it is properly preserved! But beware, some are not. I found that Fresh Sugar Scrub in Brown Sugar does not use a preservative, but they boast a top-notch list of ingredients and a jar will set you back 65.00. Bath and Body is highly preserved but their ingredients are cheap and they use Mineral oil, their price at 16.00 reflects the poor quality of ingredients.
But You Want "All Natural"
1. Do not fall for the "all natural" we don't use preservatives line unless you are certain that the product doesn't contain an ingredient that requires preserving such as a real fruit, strawberry for example. Even ingredients like green tea and Aloe Vera need a preservative, period!
2. Ask the maker of your scrub if they use a broad spectrum preservative. A little preservative is better than none. There are plenty of good preservatives that are safe!
3. Vitamin E or Grapefruit Seed Extract is NOT a preservative.
4. Essential Oils are not a preservative.
5. A scrub that does not contain any water technically does not need a preservative. This is where your diligence comes into play if you decide to purchase a Sugar Scrub without a preservative.
6. Never dip your wet hand into the scrub. Water is the food for microorganisms. Your scrub may still look good and smell fine, but bacteria can and will build up rapidly.
7. Do not leave it where it could possibly come into contact with water. Such as the kitchen sink or in the shower.
8. Keep the lid on when not in use. Store it in a dry place. Use a scoop to remove what you will need and take that to the shower with you. Make sure your scoop is clean and dry for the next use.
9. If your scrub contains fruit or other "food" ingredients often found in a scrubs including honey, oats or citrus zest, keep it refrigerated in between uses, and use it very quickly [2 weeks] unless you are absolutely 100% certain that it is preserved with a broad spectrum preservative.
10. If you suspect your scrub is bad either due to water getting into the product, by smell, expired use by date or obvious mold, toss it out.
11. If you make and share a scrub with your friends, make sure to also share with them the safe use of sugar scrub to ensure they enjoy the product.
12. If you decide to make your own scrub, do use an oil with a long shelf life. Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Avocado are great choices.
13. Make sure to dilute your essential oils properly 1-2%.
14. Do not use the following to make a scrub. Dawn Dish Washing Liquid, Mineral Oil or other petroleum products, baby oil, vegetable oil or crisco.
Happy Scrubbing!
Stay Beautiful & Healthy~

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bug Off! How to Naturally Keep Pest's Away

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your evening only to get bombarded with those blood sucking critters.  Tell them to BUG OFF and to take their pesky pals, the no-see-ums, fleas, tics and chiggers with them with these easy make at home natural repellents!
With a very dry winter here in the southwest, there are more mosquito's than ever. I live on a ravine, with the lack of rain this past winter there was also notable a lack of frogs, which are usually so loud that windows have to be closed at night. No frogs, more Mosquito's.
chikungunya mosquito
With the influx of illegal immigrants being dumped into the interior of our country they have brought with them disease that had once been eradicated or is not something that we see in this country.
Now is the time to be diligent about protecting yourself and your family from mosquito borne illness.  Spray your property with Neem oil concentrate from Lowes.  Do a check to make sure that you do not have any areas of standing water.  Make sure to add mosquito fish to your ponds or additives to fountains to keep the water fresh. Report homes to the city that have swimming pools that need drained.
DIY Bug Repellent 
Spray Bottle from Walmart
Spray Bottle from Wal-Mart
In a one ounce bottle combine distilled or filtered water, with 5 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil or eucalyptus oil.  Shake well and apply to skin, also spray around the ankles and waist of your britches.
Omit the lemongrass for use on pets, It is not on my list of "safe oils for use on dogs." keep away from face of your pet, and out of reach of children.
Neem Oil Repellent.
In a one ounce spray bottle add 2 percent Neem oil to coconut oil.  For one ounce this would be 10 drops. [More is not better.] Mix well and spray on to exposed skin. Coconut oil readily absorbs into the skin and is a natural sunscreen as well.
If your oil has solidified, run under warm water or sit in the sun for a few minutes it liquefies at 76 degrees F.
This preparation has a 61 - 94% effectiveness on the Culex ssp variety of mosquito, which is most prevalent is the US and carries West Nile.  For more information on effective for other species go here 
Don't worry that you will be "stuck" with an oil that has few uses.  Neem Oil has abundant uses. From using in your organic garden, spray own plants and lawns to repelling insects and more. For everything Neem, go here  As always follow the diluting directions. Women who are nursing or pregnant should always consult with their doctor before using ANY essential oils.
And if this is too complicated, message me on Facebook I will send you a four oz bottle of My Everything Spray in Peppermint. $14.00 plus shipping if applicable, Not only does it repel pest's, but works as a sunburn care, cooling spray, toner, antiseptic for cuts and scrapes and more.
Stay Healthy & Beautiful~

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Ways to Give Cosmetic Chemicals the Boot

The fewer chemicals that you have in your products the fewer that will go into your body.  Here are three super simple changes you can make today and give cosmetic chemicals the boot and save money at the same time.
witch hazel
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Facial Toner:
Facial toners can be very pricey and contain ton of ingredients ranging from parabens to formaldehyde donors with top ingredients including alcohol, which is drying and strips the skin.  Kick this cosmetic to the curb and use a good quality Witch Hazel instead.
For less than 7.00 you can get a whopping 16 ounces of pure which hazel with out all the junk and with all the healing properties of this wonderful product.  It will soothe a sunburn, tighten pores and stop the itch of a bug bite instantly. Best of all it will not over strip your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth.  And that is the short list.
coconut with oil bottle
Make Up Remover:
Regardless of what makeup remover you are using, odds are you are paying more than $7.00 for 3 to 4 ounces and it's loaded with chemicals and preservatives that you are using on your face and around the eyes.
For less than 8.00 you find a nice 14 ounce  jar of organic coconut oil.  Smooth a small amount onto the face and wipe away dirt and grime using a cotton round.  Use a  q-tip for removing eyeliner.  Coconut Oil is comedogenic, so if you are acne prone, try jojoba oil or sweet almond oil.
Carrier Oils
Wrinkle Reducer:
Cosmetic Companies are set to hit 114 billion dollars by 2015, the average woman spends $330.00 annually on cosmetics and "anti aging products". Nearly all of them are loaded with things like, Polysorbate 20,  Lead Acetate in Lipstick, Mercury compounds in eye shadow, Triclosan which is over used and found in soaps, lotions, foundations, toothpaste and more.  The FDA is reviewing Triclosan and it's harmful effects.
To reduce fine lines and wrinkles without all the poison try Jojoba Oil.  8 ounces will cost about 13.00 at a natural health food store. It has a shelf life of 5 years.  Jojoba Oil is a natural anti oxidant and will provide a second skin while allowing your skin to breathe. It offers emolliency and also helps with acne or oily prone skin.
For less than 25.00 you can bring home 3 products all of which have more uses than I can list here and you can feel good about using them for yourself or your children with no harmful effects.  Give cosmetic chemicals the boot.  These products will work just as well. I know, I use them everyday.
Stay Beautiful & Healthy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dusting Powder Making a Comeback

Powder has been a part of personal body care forever and it is making a remarkable recover among women of all ages. Yet high quality powder remains difficult to come by.
Powder Box's Hold 3 ounces of Fragrance Powder
Powder Box's Hold 3 ounces of Fragrance Powder
Why we as ladies have ever fallen away from the use of powder is anyone's guess. Why I decided to start making it, I don't remember, other than it seemed like a good idea.  With summer coming on quick, what a wonderful way to keep dry, soft and silky with a light fragrance.  Even better, is the slightest bit of shimmer that catches the light and adds to the glow of your skin.  [Powders are all available without shimmer upon request.]
I use the finest arrowroot powder.  It is wonderfully silky smooth, absorbs moisture and delivers the fragrance of natural essentials oils to keep you feeling fresh. Dust it all over for quick easy dressing after a shower.  Don't forget the ladies, your lingerie and the nape of your neck and underarms.
White Powder Box with Lime Green Interior
White Powder Box with Lime Green Interior
For something sexy,  sprinkle on your sheets for a soft and fresh sleeping experience.
Fragrances available are:
Monoi Vanilla ~ Jasmine
Jasmine ~ Orange
Lavender ~ Vanilla
Bergamot ~ Lavender
Or let me design a fragrance just for you.  Shimmer in your choice of Silver, Gold or Bronze.
3 ounces $15.00 Shipping not included.
Stay Beautiful and Healthy~