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How to Use and Care for Your Sugar Scrub

Beautiful Botanical's

Following these simple guidelines will insure that your scrub remains safe to use and that you will receive the optimum benefit of your Beautiful Botanical Sugar Scrub.
BB Label Logo recolor.jpgDo not use on the face more than about once per week. Follow-up with a great moisturizer and protect your skin with sunscreen. 

Signs that you are over exfoliating are:
Excessive dryness/dry patches
Flaking skin
Uncomfortable stinging that persists
Burning sensation

While exfoliating the skin will soften lines, give the skin a smoother texture, promote collagen production and even out skin tone, it also thins the skin, looses moisture more quickly and leaves it more prone to sun damage.
After using any exfoliate, make sure that your face is properly protected with sunscreen and moisturize with a product that is suitable for your skin type. This scrub does NOT contain any preservative! If your scrub comes in contact with any water, throw it away. It will grow mold yeast or other fungi not visible.

Do keep your scrub tightly closed when not in use.
Do not keep it in the shower.
Do not put wet hands into the jar.
Make sure your scoop is kept dry.
Make sure anyone else that could possibly access your scrub knows the rules.

Do use the small scoop provided to remove your scrub from the jar.  Two ounces is enough for a full body scrub.
Use caution stepping out of the shower, the floor will be slippery.  
For questions or comments find me at or call 951-808-2951