Beautiful Botanicals

Thank You for your interest in Beautiful Botanicals.  If anyone would have ever told me that I would have found such joy in creating a product like this I would have thought they were nuts.  Yet here I am and wow am I ever truly so blessed!

This all started with coming across a recipe for a spray to create Beach Wave Hair. I wanted this for my own hair.  I tweaked the recipe... a lot.  and before I knew it, Beautiful Botanicals was born.

I work hard to eat a pretty good diet and to eat clean due to inflammatory health issues that I have.  But really, what is the point, if I continue to pour and slather on cosmetics, lotions and potions that are packed with harmful chemicals? Parabens, fragrances and petroleum products are known carcingens, hormone disruptors, produce allergies and do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do, nourish and promote healthy moisturized skin.

All of my products are packed with natural plant-based materials that are as clean as I can get them, I buy organic materials where and when they are available. Each essential oil is pure and my cane sugar is Non GMO.

I will not skimp on the materials I use and have gone to great lengths to source some of the new ingredients that will be going into Beautiful Botanicals products to ensure that you are getting the very best!

Every time I purchase an ingredient that is produced by the cottage industry, is organically grown, or simply chemical free I am saying NO to pesticides, herbicides, GMO's and putting MY money into the pockets of families that are the bread and butter of our nation, and saying yes to me and my health.

Every journey starts with the first step. Step out and say "yes" to your health with one change in your daily beauty routine, what ever it may be...  Just make a change!

Stay Beautiful & Stay Healthy~